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Agricultural pumps

LL – Agricultural Slurry Pumps

Tearing slurry pumps

Our long experience in the field guarantees the quality of Mamec LL slurry pumps. Our pumps work even in difficult conditions and our technical solutions ensure an individual implementation and a smooth secure action.


The pumps are designed to bear long-lasting and constant usage. Rubber lining and coatings increase wear resistance. Oil lubrication. At sensitive environmental locations rapeseed oil may be used. Roller bearings in the pumps and the Toothring which can be changed to a smooth ring when for example pumping stones. All pump components are connected to each other by screw, wedge or cotter pins and are therefore easily changeable. As standard equipment lifting lug, mixing valve (manual), riser pipe in plastic, without mounting plate, quick coupling.

The LL pump is the same as the LJ pump, but it is delivered without the mounting plates and with plastic riser pipe.


agricultural pump structure


The parts in contact with fluid are of surface treated steel (blasted, iron phosphating and polyester powder coating) (SFS 5225 SP 40/1-Fe 2½ Fo, shade blue RAL 5003). Impeller and the shredder are of carbon-hardened and moulded steel. Impeller shaft is made of acid-resistant shaft steel. Slide ring sealing, body parts made of acidresistant steel. Pump volute is of moulded steel plate.


Dimensions and capacity curves are the same as with the LJ pump. When the mixing valve is in use, the pressure and capacity decrease. Dimensions and capacity curves can be found on page 5.


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Electric motors

Mamec pumps are delivered with electric motors according to IEC standards. We also supply pumps with Ex(e) or Ex(d) protected engines. The mounting plate is not pressure or steam tight in
standard delivery. If hot or corrosive vapors can reach above the mounting plate, ventilation or air conditioning must be arranged.

Testing and Quality

Each pump is tested and checked at our facility prior to shipment Mamec Oy quality system is based on ISO-9001 standard.

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The delivery includes installation, operation and maintenance instructions in Finnish, Swedish or English.

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