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Embankment Pumps

PP – Embankment Pumps

High Power PP – flood pumps

Mamec PP flood pumps are an effective solution for transferring large water masses. The pumps are suitable, for example, for drainage of cultivation areas, flood water removal and for fish farms.


Our flood pumps are single stage, long shaft semi-submersible pumps. Water plants or trashes do not clog the pumps and the shaft structure is non-frozen. Pumps can be used during peak seasons of the floods, without problems, 24 hours a day.

All parts of the PP flood pumps are connected to each other with screw, wedge or cotter pins and are easily replaceable.

The motor weather protection or lifting lug is included to our pumps as standard.

1. The motor is protected from fluid contact.
2. High quality, flexible coupling
3. Oil lubrication
4. Roller bearings
5. Flexible long shaft made of special steel
6. Certain standard lengths
7. Slide ring sealing and roller bearings in the bearing housing
8. Pump volute is of moulded and welded surface treated steel or by order of acid-resistant steel.
9. The sieve prevents thick shafts etc. from entering the pump


Materials used

The parts that are in contact with fluid are of surface treated steel. Impeller wings and shaft as well as slide ring seals body parts are made of acid-resistant steel. By special order it is possible to manufacture the whole pump of acid-proof steel (EN 1.4404).


  • For drying farming areas
  • For removing flood water in spring and autumn
  • For fish farms
  • For peat bogs
  • For groundwater removal sites


Quality and Documentation

All pumps are test driven at our factory before shipment. Our products confirm to the ISO-9001 quality standard. English documentation is always included with all of our pumps.

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