Slurry Pump

Mamec slurry pumps work well under all conditions

The LJ slurry pump belongs to Mamec's traditional range of pumps. Long experience as a manufacturer means top quality - our devices are based on the technique we developed over 50 years ago. All Mamec Oy's products also work under difficult conditions. High technical expertise ensures the individual implementation of LJ pumps together with a steady safe function.

An effective shredder guarantees a smooth function

The function of the LJ slurry pump is based on the state of art design of the shredder construction. The construction ensures an efficient pumping of thick and problematic sediment. Acid-resistant steel can be used as a raw material for Mamec Oy's LJ pumps, if desired.

Using the best materials

  • Pump volute: Molded steel sheet
  • Impeller + tooth ring: Surfaced hardened steel or acid-resistant steel
  • Impeller shaft: Acid-resistant steel
  • Inner shaft of the frame tube: Special Steel
  • Slide ring sealing: Ceramic Silicon Carbide sealing surfaces, body parts made of acid-resistant steel
  • Bearing: Roller bearing and oil lubrication
  • Components in contact with fluid: Steel or stainless steel, S355 (LJ pumps), acid-resistant steel EN1.4404 (AISI 316), (HLJ pumps)
  • Surface treatment and painting: Fe Sa ½ Fo, blue polyester powder, RAL 5003


Additional knife which is available as an accessory.

Slurry pump additional knife

Working structure of a slurry pump

The Mamec LJ slurry pump has a functional design that is designed to withstand demanding usage conditions.

Slurry pump structure

LJ slurry pumps can be equipped with a mixing valve. In that case the pump is mixing as well as pumping. Valve control can be selected either by hand lever (pumping or mixing), with manual screw (stepless), linear servo actuator or with compressed air or hydraulic cylinder.


  1. Either weather protection or lifting rods
  2. High quality electric motor
  3. Flexible, high quality coupling
  4. Oil lubrication
  5. Roller bearings
  6. Flexible long shaft made of special steel
  7. Riser pipe (optional). It is removable from the mounting plate
  8. Roller bearings in the bearing housing
  9. Pump volute with molded steel plate
  10. Suction hole with a really effective shredder


  • In the wood processing, food and chemical industries as a mass or sewage pump as well as the municipal wastewater treatment plant
  • Slaughterhouses for pumping slaughterhouse waste and sewage as well as pumping blood
  • Dredging lakes and seashores
  • For pumping and crushing plastic, rubber, textile, leather, etc. waste
  • Machine tools' cutting fluid pumps
  • Usually for pumping very thick and problematic sediments
  • Process' side streams

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Capacity curves

 slurry-pump curveslurry pump capacity

Technical information

slurry pump information

Dimension drawings

Slurry pump dimension drawings

Slurry pump dimension drawings

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