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Hydraulic Pumps

LL-H – Hydraulic Slurry Pumps

Shredding, hydraulic dredging, pit and slurry pumps

The LL pumps have an efficient shredder construction which ensures pumping efficiently even thick and problematic sediments.

They are suitable in different areas, such as wastewater pump for woodworking, food industry or chemical industry.

The best materials

We use carefully selected durable materials for our slurry pumps. The pump volute is moulded steel or alternatively of acid-resistant steel.


Pumps are delivered with VOLVO’s hydraulic motors that also have a leak oil connection. We deliver pumps also without hydraulic motors. The pressure and return hose recommendations of the table shall be followed. Too small hoses reduce capacity. On the return side too small hose can causes damage to the engine. Hydraulic hoses are not included in the standard delivery. There are similar pumps available also as electrically powered long shaft pumps. Ask about our LL pumps!

Basic Accessories

The basic accessories of our hydraulic pumps include a lifting handle, fast coupling an a removable stone cage.


The pumps are designed to stand long lasting and hardwearing constant use. Rubber lining and coatings increase wear resistance. Oil lubrication. At sensitive environmental locations rapeseed oil may be used. Bearing as roller bearings. The tooth ring can be quickly replaced by smooth ring, for example, when stones are being pumped. All the pump parts are connected to each other by screw, wedge or cotter pins and are thus easily changeable. As standard equipment, lifting lug, a convenient quick coupling and a removable cage are included.

1. Lifting lug protect the engine and ease the handling
2. Oil lubrication and sight glass of oil level
3. High quality flexible coupling
4. Convenient quick coupling for hose
5. Slide ring sealing and roller bearings in the bearing housing
6. The pump casing moulded and welded surface-treated steel, or by order of acid-resistant steel.
7. Effective hardened shredder blades crush the solid substances from the intake manifold
8. The cage prevents thick shafts and the like from entering the pump



Mamec Oy’s slurry pumps have shown their performance in demanding conditions at different sectors of industry. LL-H pumps are suitable for use:

  • In the wood processing, food and chemical industries as a mass or wastewater pump as well as in municipal sewage treatment plants
  • Slaughterhouses for slaughter and wastewater pumping as well as pumping blood
  • Dredging lakes and seashores
  • Pumping and crushing plastic-, rubber-, textile-, leather waste
  • As cutting fluid pumps for machine tools
  • Usually for pumping very thick and rough sediments
  • As sludge pump on livestock farms
  • As high-power catastrophe pump when preventing floods and oil spills


Quality and Documentation

All pumps are test driven at our factory before shipment. Our products confirm to the ISO-9001 quality standard. English documentation is always included with all of our pumps.

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