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Precision mechanics manufacturing services

Our precision mechanics manufacturing services are optimized for efficient production of small series and prototypes. Flexible capacity and diverse machinery enable quick reaction to customer needs.

Our experienced staff is able to use the properties of our equipment to their full extent, thus guaranteeing the desired outcome. Our welding unit specializes in TIG welding of assemblies from acid-resistant or stainless steel. Post-processing and surface treatment of the products is completed in accordance with customer requirements. Our discerning clientele has helped us to hone our knowledge of production methods to the highest levels attainable in the field. This reflects the importance of planning the production methods together with us, so as to facilitate the best-quality, most cost-efficient final product.

Our precision mechanics manufacturing methods include:

  • Method planning
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • TIG-welding
  • Dot matrix marking
  • Post-processing
  • Glass bead and silicon carbide blasting
  • Ultrasound washing
  • Tumbling
  • For surface treatments and sheet metal work, we use our professional partners.

Mamec Oy has solid expertise in the machining of a wide range of materials and their suitability for various applications. Main materials used include acid-resistant or stainless steel, various aluminium mixes, and industrial plastics. We have plenty of experience in the handling of special materials also.

The materials we have processed over the years include:

Various plastics:

  • Special plastics including Vesconite, Radel R (PPSU), Ultem (PEI), Sustanat

Special metals:

  • Light and special metals: aluminium, titan, cobalt mixes, impact proof and armour steel, acid-resistant and stainless steel including Hastelloy
  • Pure metals: titan, nickel, copper

Other special materials:

  • Machinable ceramic materials

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