Finprofile Kaarjoki Macring

Machining services for aluminium profiles

Our machining services for aluminium profiles ensure cost-effective and punctual deliveries.

Our machining service specializes in the cutting, machining, and assembly of aluminium profiles. We make parts from other aluminium raw materials and from light materials such as plastics. The cornerstones of our operations include flexibility with regard to the number of the series produced and a quick order-delivery cycle. Most of our customers operate on the lean manufacturing principle, which is vitally dependent on punctual deliveries and sensible allocation of resources. Careful production planning ensures minimal wastage of valuable raw materials.

In machining profile structures, the visual look of the final result is of vital importance. For this reason, we ensure that the products are handled appropriately throughout the production process. Our wide partner network facilitates us to deliver the products with the exact surface treatment requested by the customer.

Our services include:

  • Precision cutting
  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Perforation of profiles
  • Post-processing
  • Tumbling
  • Glass bead blasting
  • Profile product assembly

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