Finprofile Kaarjoki Macring

Automation equipment manufacture

Our automation equipment manufacturing services range, from furnishing of individual control enclosures and unit modules to the delivery of complete and ready-to-use systems.

Combining the specific skills of all of Mamec Oy’s various units allows us to offer the most efficient production chain for all kinds of applications. Carefully chosen supplier network ensures cost-effective acquisition of all the required components. Our operating premises facilitate the construction of equipment of up to around 4 m2 in size.

Our staff will also install and test any software that is required to operate the equipment. Knowledge of the operating environment and software in emphasized in staff training, and allows us to promote product development at every stage from prototype to the end of the product’s life cycle.

Our automation equipment manufacturing services include:

  • Switchgear installation
  • Operating device installation
  • Mechanical assembly
  • Welding of plastic structures (HD-PE and PP plastics)
  • Software installation
  • Production testing (FAT)
  • Development of production methods
  • Spare part deliveries for our equipment
  • We also offer electrical and application planning for projects through our partner network

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