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Reliable and non-freezing Ratko- pumps

The Northern circumstances require reliability of the pump even in fierce temperatures. Mamec Oy’s Ratko- pumps have been developed to solve water related problems in all destinations.

Ratko-well pumps

The function of Ratko’s pumps is based on a weathered protected electric motor, located on the well’s deck. The solution does not require the installation site to have a separate pump room, and the noises are not heard indoors.

The pump section is installed with an shaft under water (about 30 cm from the bottom of the well). This prevents from freezing and removes the suction problems and the need for seed water. The supply pipe is excavated below the ground frost level or it is isolated so that it cannot freeze.

Materials used

The impeller shaft is of stainless steel. The shaft between the motor and the housing is of a special steel which has a galvanized protective tube. Impellers, depending on the model, are made of polypropylene plastic or bronze alloy. The pump housing is of cast iron.

Ratko submersible pumps

Ratko submersible pumps are suitable for open and borehole wells. They are frost-free, reliable and easy to install. The pump is silent both inside and outside and beside it a non-frozen, automatically emptying supply pipe can be installed.

The Ratko submersible pump is immersed in the well with a support wire. A separate pump room, seed water or bottom valve is not needed. Because the pump section is constantly in water, freezing is not possible.

Our submersible pumps are suitable for all open wells and 4 and 6 inches borehole wells. Thanks to our developing work the non-freezing water supply system can be also installed to locations where a plastic pipe can not be excavated
deep enough.

Content of a standard delivery

  • Submersible pump
  • 10 m electrical cable
  • 10 m stainless steel wire rope
  • We offer also many accessories to Ratko submersible pumps.

Technical information


If water runs out during use, Ratko pump lasts a reasonable dry running. Shafts are delivered with 0.1 m intervals starting from 0.3 m.

Quality and Documentation

All Ratko submersible pumps are inspected carefully before delivery. Mamec Oy quality system is based on ISO-9001 standard. The delivery includes installation, operation and maintenance instructions in Finnish, Swedish or English.

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