Finprofile Kaarjoki Macring

Our business

We specialize in cost-effective manufacturing of innovative products for demanding applications. Our number one priority is our clients’ success. We create solutions and offer services that allow our clients to focus more fully on their own core areas of expertise.

At the heart of our competitive edge is our skilled staff and keen understanding of the operational environment for our products. We keep abreast of technological advances, and train our staff systematically. Training is organized evenly at all organizational levels. We also use work rotation to support comprehensive expertise throughout the company.

Service promise

“We free customer’s resources and funds reserved for product development, manufacture, and product maintenance.”


  • Time needed for innovative commercialization is shortened when most of the production phases of the product can be completed in one place.
  • Diverse manufacturing services and extensive partner and supplier network enable both large and small items to be ordered from the same place.
  • Proven expertise in manufacturing methods, products, and their operation facilitate quick and cost-effective changes in products and testing.


Mamec Oy places a high value on openness, flexibility, reliability, responsibility, and top quality.


Mamec Oy has a certified quality system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and all its operations aims to ensure that it complies with the ISO 14000 standard.