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Container agitator – Contmixers

Container agitator for containers and small tanks

Convenient, modulated container agitators and small container mixers

Modified container agitator is designed especially for mixing liquids in small tanks and containers. Thanks to the excellent ability for variation they can also be used as mixers for open tanks. The mixer can be equipped with a rim clamp and a mounting plate or mounting bridges for light duty IBC containers. The structure of Container agitator is simple, it is easy to modify according to the needs. Container agitator is fastened from the bearing housing to the container 2″ outer thread without additional reinforcements or in a or manhole cover using with two nuts.

Contmixer is delivered both fixed and as a dismountable type. The agitator part may be attached in each container / tank dismountable model the drive unit is mounted with a quick coupling thus can be easily moved to another container as needed.

Container agitator with durable construction

The Container agitator is designed to last for a long time. The bearing housing includes 2 pcs grooved ball bearings, a separate inner shaft and a flexible coupling. The bearing is protected from the fluid side by a radial shaft seal. Not suitable for use as standard in pressure tanks. The mixing element can be installed at any height on the shaft is convenient and as it is attached with conical nut / screw. Thus, it is also possible to install several different mixer elements in freely selected locations on the shaft.


All parts that are in contact with liquid are of acid-resistant steel (EN 1.4404). It is also possible to use other materials on request (e.g., SAF 2205, 904L, or 254SMO).

Motors and gear motors

The mixers are delivered with flanged motors according to IEC standards, gear motors, air motors or hydraulic motors. We also deliver mixers Ex (e) or Ex (d) with protected motors and with non-standard voltages.

Container agitator applications

  • Food industry
  • Chocolate
  • Paint
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Mineral Additives
  • Solvents
  • Printing inks
  • Adhesives

Testing, Quality and Documentation

Each mixer is balanced, and tested at the factory before shipping to the customer. Our quality system complies with ISO 9001 quality management system. The delivery includes Finnish, Swedish or English installation, operation and maintenance instructions.

Technical drawings

Contmixer container and small tank agitator

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