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Mixing technology

Mixing technology for demanding industrial applications

We provide high-quality, optimized mixing solutions for all industries’ needs. Mamec is a process-oriented mixing technology professional, so we offer design and calculation in addition to mixers. We supply customized and standard side-, container-, and vertical mixers as well as special mixers and pumps. If you are looking for an experienced professional with a deep understanding of various industrial processes, contact us and let us know about your requirements!

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Professional Mixing technology

Mamec has over 70 years of experience developing demanding mixing solutions. All equipment and components are the result of precise product development and testing. We continually develop devices to be more ecological and energy-efficient.

How the project proceeds:

  • Customer explains their needs – see our contact information here
  • We ask the customer for process information, PI diagrams, and mixing process goals
  • Additionally, we ask for information about the composition, viscosity, and temperature of the source materials, etc.
  • Process design implementation and selection of technical solutions
  • Mixer delivery and installation, ready for use


Side Mixers

Mamec’s high-quality side mixers represent the latest thinking in the industry and are very reliable and long-lasting during operation. The devices are suitable for use in the pulp and paper industry as well as biodiesel plants. Mamec is a mixing technology professional, offering calculations, design, and cost-effective devices for every need.

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Vertical Mixers

Vertical mixers are customized according to the customer’s needs through precise calculation and technical design. With decades of experience in various industrial processes, Mamec can provide reliable and efficient devices for every need.

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Container Mixers

Mamec is a long-standing mixing technology professional, supplying container and small tank mixers, especially for liquid mixing. Modular Contmixer mixers are the result of extensive development work.

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Special Mixers

We also provide fully customized products, so we can solve all kinds of mixing and pumping challenges. We have manufactured scrappers, bottom mixers, spiral mixers, large dredging pumps, and their combinations, among other things.

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With decades of experience and a deep understanding of processes, we solve even the most challenging mixing needs in various industries. Contact us by calling 019 311 300 or emailing You can also fill out a contact form by clicking below.

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